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Water Management

Reduce irrigation water usage and get report on savings.


Quality Control

 Improve landscape quality and get report on quality trends.


Quality Control

Measure and improve the custodial service quality with workflow solutions.

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Green Leaf
Green Leaf Mapping & Control Systems has been using AuditorSoft to save water and control service quality for hundreds of properties. Using AuditorSoft Green Leaf has developed water management programs for some of the largest firms in America. We inspect and report on landscape and custodial service quality for clients and service providers.
Blanche Scarbrough
Chief Financial Officer
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Palo Alto Medical
Palo Alto Medical uses AuditorSoft to manage our landscape and custodial cleaning quality. Our water is used according to the natural weather trends and fully accounted for on their reporting. AuditorSoft has given us the tools to truly bond with our service providers. Our service contracts are now performance based. This has taken a big load off our management team. We spend time on exceptions requiring our action and all other service defects become the provider's responsibility.  
Don O'Hare
Facilities manager

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