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About AuditorSoft

We at AuditorSoft stick to what we do best. Our focus is on developing services for two industries we know in depth, namely Landscape and Custodial maintenance industries. We use the Internet to deliver always available, high quality, easy to use software applications.

Here is what makes us who we are:

Industry Knowledge:

We have in depth knowledge about the industries that we serve. We understand tough, everyday business problems and develop solutions to address them.

Software as a Service Vision:

We believe in the power of always available, professionally managed and continuously improving software applications. Today, the best way to deliver such powerful applications is the software as a service model.

We concentrate our energy and resources into developing, improving and providing our software applications through the Internet.

Always on Infrastructure:

We go the extra mile when it comes to Infrastructure. We make sure our applications are quick to use and always on.

Our servers are located at professionally managed data centers with redundant Internet connections and electric power. To prevent down time due to disasters we host our applications at two data centers in two different states. We backup our data multiple times a day and store the backups off site.